What is a Virtual Tour?

Many virtual tour companies lately have been advertising a “PowerPoint” like slideshow as a virtual tour. The “Virtual Tour” tag line is powerful and many companies with inferior solutions are trying to cash in on it. We at www.frencksolutions.com and others belonging to the RTV network of providers use proprietary software and hardware to produce real virtual tours – a 360-degree panoramic moving picture of a room or location.

We are able to provide not only the high-resolution photos that the others supply; but we also deliver high quality moving panoramic spins that will be sure to impress your customers. We are all looking for the one thing that will seal the deal. There is nothing more impressive than a Realtor being able to “walk” their clients through a home in the manner in which it truly exists. Bonus benefits include not having to drive all over town to look at homes because of the inferior slideshow quality. Homebuyers can decide to look or not look at a home based on true to life images.

Wayne Frenck
Tampa Virtual Tours