Tally Tours Upgrades

Over the past month Tally Tours has been going through some major improvements and upgrades. We have a new photographer Amy, a new office assistant David, and a new office (308 McDaniel St). I thank all of you who have had appointments during this transition period for bearing with us during the upgrade.

Up until this point, Tally Tours has been a “one man show.” The photographer and office work were done by a single person. But keeping up with the work load was difficult if not impossible at times for a single person.

Our photographer can now focus on what she does best, taking great photos, while our office assistant Daivd does all of the computer work, scheduling and customer support.

What this means is you will begin to see major improvements all across the board. We have retrained and retooled to have a more efficient workflow that will provide you with even better quality end products than you are use to! Our main phone number remains the same (850-491-3909) and will ring directly to David to set up your appointments, answer questions, and provide support.

New Service Packages

When I was producing the virtual tours all myself I put a lot of time and effort into a great product at as low of a cost as I could afford to live on. With the new employees and office space, we needed to create new packages and prices that keep the business going at this level without sacrificing what our customers are used too.

After surveying some of you, we have come up with 4 new price levels for our virtual tours (previously there were only 3) and have created new marketing services beyond just virtual tours at a lower cost. My hope is that the majority of you will agree with the survey group that the business upgrades warrants these much needed price points.

These new packages and prices will go into effect for any tour orders coming in after 06/08/09. We would love to hear everyone’s input and comments (the good and the bad).

To review the new packages on our website click here.

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