New TrueBlue Technology by BlueLaVaMedia

As most of you already know Jim and I are always working very hard to bring you better and better technology and improve your online image among your customers.

Our new TrueBlue imaging does just that. In fact it goes well beyond just having a home photographed and displayed online. Our new TrueBlue technology entices and plays directly to the imagination, sweeping online shoppers off their mouse pads while they are temporarily mesmerized by the sheer beauty and elegance of the colorful scenery.

We have literally hit a home run with this new release of technology and for now there will be no additional charge for the added service. Jim is busy perfecting the art for both inside and outside shots and we anticipate no additional fees for the service until sometime in 2010. In the meantime we are going to sit back and watch the compliments keep pouring in over the images. To see an online sample of the technology visit the link below.

See our TrueBlue Video on YouTube and give us your feedback!

Good luck out there everyone.

Jason LaVanture
Traverse Virtual Tours
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