New RTV Phone System!!!

Yes that’s right! It is finally here my friends. I have personally been waiting for this for the last ten years and now we finally have a New Phone System!!!!

Our new state of the art VOIP phone system from AT&T is a great upgrade for us and we hope it helps us serve you better.

The 0 (ZERO) button will NOT connect you to an operator. We do not have an operator set up in this system so please do not press 0.

Our extensions and the auto attendant options have changed so please do not use the old extensions or shortcut keys any longer either.

The fastest way to reach a person is to dial 866-947-8687 and then use their shortcut key to go directly to their phone. The auto attendant will list the shortcut keys but if you already know the one you need you can press it as soon as the auto attendant picks up.

If there is anyone else at RTV you need to contact not on the list press 8 to speak to Eve and she can give you the right contact info.

Good luck out there team!
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