The Importance of Internet Presence

Multiple authors are emphasizing the importance of getting a greater presence on the Internet. Some are quoting the different papers published by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) referring to the increase of prospects starting their house search through the Internet, and the increase income earned by those realtors that are already getting a good return on investment on their Internet presence.

All these authors emphasize that a good practice of SEO is the correct way to achieve this goal. Once your page rank increases to a correct level the prospects searching for information in your area will be able to locate your page. You need to portray yourself as the expert for all those seeking information on your neighborhood. The greater amount of people finding you on the Internet will represent more business that will come your way.

The problem that many of you will face is how you make these people give you their contact information so you can contact them back. You will need to find a way to entice these prospects so they give you their information. You can achieve this by offering a monthly newsletter, an online course that you provide, or a virtual tour for sellers or information just tailored to their needs. It is very important that these prospects receive feedback as soon as possible after they give their contact information. Good luck out there!

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