The IMAGE HDR Revisited

High Dynamic Range Photography | HDR 2 The Training– June 24, 2009 at 7pm EST

The official photography webinar of RTV

In April we held the IMAGE webinar about HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography. We had a lot of great feedback from this webinar including a couple exciting success stories I just have to share.

Jim Blue, from team BlueLaVa got fired up about HDR photography as a result of the webinar. Jim practiced up on his HDR techniques and hit the streets armed with another tool that has made the business soar. His photography is now in demand all over his market. Currently he has 20 tours scheduled and is now scheduling tours out over a week and a half.

Jim has also just recently brought on 10 new clients as a result of his HDR photography and continues to get phone calls from new clients. See some HDR samples at Tour Grand Traverse.

Mike Thompson with Real Vision Studio contracted with VFM Leonardo to shoot virtual tours of 3 hotels. Having attended the webinar about HDR he decided to develop his skills and use this photo technique for these hotel tours. The comments he received back from Leonardo regarding his photography included, “This is some of the best photography we have seen!” and “We have never seen color in pictures like this before.” Mike asked them how they would rate his photography compared with other professional photographers and they put Mike at the top of the list. What a compliment!! Check out some Detroit Photography.

We believe that HDR is very important for you and we want to help you grow your virtual tour business. The IMAGE webinar HDR 2 The Training will be a free training course for you to learn the simple techniques of producing HDR images so that you, like Jim and Mike, can get the customers demanding your virtual tour photography.

Join us for an exciting evening of training as we teach you the simple steps to create HDR photography.

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