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Online social networking use among adults has more than quadrupled in the past four years according to a December 2008 survey from Pew Internet & American Life Project.

This is a huge jump in the amount of people taking advantage of these kind of sites. Approximately 35% of American adults use social networking. While this number is heavily skewed toward younger adults, the popularity of these kinds of sites cannot be ignored.

Social networking is an excellent way to get new business contacts as well as keep in touch with current clients. Social networking is a great opportunity for a business person to have a virtual ‘calling card’ available all the time to prospective clients.

A well planned Facebook page or Twitter account can help ‘sell’ you to the client and convince them to use you for their real estate needs. Since these accounts are free to use, though they do cost time to maintain, using social networking to advertise yourself can be very cost effective.

If you have not already I highly recommend that you sign up for our FREE online social networking, blogging, and search engine optimization course. Our course will help you setup what we feel are the most important sites, set up your profiles, build back links to your site and learn how to blog. Whether you decide to go it on your own or take our online course you should always be sure to include a nice photo of yourself. Make sure you use a current one, and add in your website and other contact information.

These social networking pages are like mini-advertisements for your business so always be professional and maintain yourself in a good light. This is a great way to show off your expertise in your field through blogs and posts about real estate, buying a new home, or even the general market conditions.

Prospective home buyers or sellers may see your profile through a “friend of a friend’s” profile and if you have impressed them with your knowledge and business savvy then you’ve got them interested in YOU with very little effort.

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