Be Careful Out There

I had a shoot over this last winter that left me without virtual tour business for about 3 weeks!

I went in to this vacant remodel on a day just after a 3-4″ snow storm. Walked in the house and had this odd gut level feeling that something was not right. Immediately realized that I had forgotten my cell phone and returned to the car to get it. I returned and had the same odd feeling, so I decided that I would start the shoot in the back yard and get some of the exteriors done.

As I was walking across the yard, in the 3-4″ of snow, I fell in a hole. Yep, you heard it. The hole was about a foot in diameter and about four feet deep. So basically, I have my entire leg underground,with my other leg bent up into my neck and chest! Pretty visual, eh?

I am completely alone outside of the vacant home trapped in about 5 degree weather. Looking back now, I have to say that the worst of it was when I looked 6 feet ahead of me I could see my my camera equipment laying in the snow. My external flash had completely broken off at the hot shoe. This came to about $300 in virtual tour camera repairs.

Fortunately for my well being I was able to pull myself out of the hole and return home to attend to my sprained ankle and twisted knee. This of course ended up ruining my snowboarding for the year. Either way I am grateful for the minimal injuries.

I went back a couple weeks later to do the shoot and was stunned to see the holes after the snow melted. As it turns out there were 7 of them there holes…part of the remodel was removing an old dog run with posts dug very deep into the ground. Snow had covered up the holes, leaving me a sitting duck on the shoot. This time around however I could see and avoid them.

Have to say it has changed the way I shoot. Much more cautious, constantly evaluating my moves, etc. Be careful out there folks!

Lori Reece
Denver Virtual Tours