How to Deal With an Objection

Sometimes you find a prospect that is questioning prices because of the existence of other low cost virtual tour providers. Normally this low cost providers do not offer more than the possibility of a do it yourself virtual tour.

The best way to deal with this is not to enter in a discussion with the customer about if his/her decision is right or wrong instead accept that you understand that the economy is going by difficult times and he/she has to decide how to invest the advertisement money in the most efficient way possible.

The clue is to start talking about return on investment (ROI) and explain all the services your virtual tour company offers with the regular virtual tour. Most of the low cost companies do not offer network syndication of the tour or will write a blog about the tour for free. The increase exposure offered by your company to the realtor, its company and of his/her web page will probably give her/him a better ROI for his/her hard earned money.

Due to this much lower fee upfront he/she is hoping to obtain a bigger ROI. On the other hand ,if she/he decides to hire a full-service provider, like your company, the increased exposure and marketing expertise could help sell the listing in a shorter time obtaining a greater ROI.

Your conversation might end in the following way: “I’m sure you’ll make the best decision. I will gladly answer any question that might help you in allowing you to obtain the best ROI possible for your hard earned money.”

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