Custom Agent Gallery Pages From BlueLaVa

BlueLaVaMedia announces all new SEO Powered Tour Galleries:
All of our real estate virtual tour gallery pages have recently been Search Engine Optimized (SEO). The Realtor message that displays on our Advanced Hit Stats now also appears on our gallery page. If you are a BlueLaVa customer and currently don’t see a message appearing on your weekly hit reports PLEASE be sure to send us a message to be added to your profile so that it can be displayed on your gallery page for SEO purposes.

The message should be less than 500 characters and will help you with your overall online marketing goals by allowing search engines to index your virtual tour gallery and all of your tours. This is a great opportunity for you to promote yourself, so take advantage of it!

Social networking functionality has now also been added to the upper right of the gallery pages. Now the tour galleries can also be bookmarked in your favorite social networking sites.

Finally we are also offering new custom agent gallery pages to all of our customers. See a Custom Virtual Tour Gallery Page Our custom agent gallery pages will point directly to your virtual tour gallery and for a mere $20.00 this is simply something that everyone should purchase!

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