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In this current market it’s not just real estate that is suffering but may sectors of our population. When the principal of the Guffey Community Charter School approached me about doing a virtual tour of the school in order to get more Internet exposure and perhaps some interest in the school, I agreed to do the tour.

Guffey Charter School is located in the small mountain community of Guffey, CO. The school is K-8th grade and is based on the charter model of multi-age instruction with small class sizes that allow for individual instruction tailored to each students learning style. Student also participates in a “project” based on their interest. This years projects include robotics, baking and 4H dog care. Many of the projects and instruction are truly community based with parents and community members offering their services and expertise. For example, this year sculpting is being taught by a Louise Peterson, a local bronze sculptor. Not only does this class include the hands on working with clay but also teaches the student math principles as they reduce their piece by percentages into the working size.

Each 8th grader is involved in a year long project of their choosing. At the end of the school year they present their project to the school and community during graduation. As an outgrowth of the virtual tour, one of the students has taken on the development of a blog for the Guffey School. The ongoing blog will involve detailing activities and projects of the school. He will also be working with his sponsor on the upkeep and development of the school’s website.

Real Tour Vision, a leader in virtual tour technology and Vortex Media Productions joined forces on this project. Unlike real estate tours which are static, this tour involved children in motion. The kids became very involved in the process reminding each other to “freeze” during the panoramas. The resulting virtual tour is dedicated to all the students,staff and community members that make the Guffey School a place of learning and growth. Avril Anjers
Central Colorado Virtual Tours
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