Addendum to Listing Agreement

A new law in Maryland requires that any listing an agent secures must have an “Addendum to Listing Agreement – Internet Advertising” form completed by the seller. Within this addendum, there are specific authorizations that will allow you to publish information about the property on the Internet.

BakerB Solutions has a policy that requires a copy of this addendum to be included with all virtual tour orders. We need to confirm that the owner of the property has authorized us to enter the property, take photographs, assemble the virtual tour, distribute that tour online through the MLS and other websites (like, etc.).

In addition, in order for that property to have the social networking option activated (see this post for details on Virtual Tours and Social Networking), Option 3 on the GCAAR form must read:

“Owner x authorizes or □ does NOT authorize the display of unedited comments or reviews of the property (or display a hyperlink to such comments or reviews) on MLS participants’ websites.” – Where AUTHORIZE is checked or has an “x“.

For more information about this new document, please visit the GCAAR website in the members section on this page:
This site states:
“In response to the terms of the settlement between the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), Sellers must now consent to
* allowing their property to be on the internet;
* allowing their full property address to be on the internet;

* allowing information regarding a valuation of the property to be available through third
party sources on the internet or through a hyperlink to a third party;
* allowing unedited comments and remarks (blogging) to appear through third party sources
on the internet or through a hyperlink to a third party.

If a Seller does NOT consent to any one of these above items, the Seller will indicate such and the listing broker, i.e., agent, is required to notify MRIS of the Seller’s position opting out of one or more of the above items. To notify MRIS, you should either complete the “Addendum to the Listing Contract” or complete the “Seller Opt-Out Form” available on MRIS’ website (once it includes all 4 questions and not just 2 of them as it does right now) and submit a copy of the signed form to MRIS ONLY IF THE SELLER OPTS OUT OF ANY OF THE 4 ITEMS. If the Seller agrees to all 4 items, nothing is sent to MRIS and the form is kept in your files. This form will be unnecessary once MRIS has the technical capability to have the listing agent indicate whether the property should be deleted from any of the above 4 areas, but for now, you need to fax the signed information over to MRIS, again, ONLY if the Seller opts out.”
This policy has been put into place to protect everyone invloved: the Seller, the Listing Agent, the Virtual Tour Photographer and BakerB Solutions, Inc. Should you have any questions, or would like to place an order for a virtual tour (after you have secured the addendum from your client), please contact us at 301.424.8272.