Work Your Virtual Tour Business Daily

How is your virtual tour business going? Think about this…One person asked a group of people if anyone wanted to get paid for growing tomatoes? Ten people raised their hands, the person gave all ten people the same plants, shovel, hoe and tomato stacks. In about a two months he went and checked on how all ten people where doing. He found that four people had not even worked the ground to start planting. Two people worked the ground and planted but forgot to water. Two people worked the ground, planted and watered but never weeded. One person worked the ground, planted, watered everyday, weeded and was happily getting tomatoes. And finally a single person worked the ground, planted in the best light area, watered and weeded every morning and night, threw in a bit of fertilizer, and used the tomato stacks to support the plants better as they grew. This person already had tomatoes ready for sale before anyone else.

Remember that even if you have the tools needed to start a very successful virtual tour company, you need to continue to care for it and maintain it daily. Always have a list of things that you want to accomplish right next to your computer and cross things off as you finish them. If you don’t I can promise you that it will take you MUCH longer to see those “prize winning” beef steak tomatoes!

Not only do I know how to run a very successful virtual tour company, I also know how to grow tomatoes. They both take the same care and daily attention.

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