Virtual Tour Business & Facebook Dilema

A few months ago I received an email from a scuba diving friend I see occasionally and mostly around our shared interest in diving. He was inviting me to join Facebook so I could see his photos and update. I was curious about what he was up to so I joined.

I had heard about facebook in early 2005 when one of the news magazine programs I watch began to buzz about how Harvard a collegiate created a social network for their student body that became such a hit that another 30 other colleges soon signed on. By fall of 2006 Facebook went public allowing anyone with an e-mail address to join.

Once I had an account the most amazing morphing started happening. I was getting friends request from people I’d gone to college with over 35yrs ago (Here I start to date myself!). I found it both amazing and at times distressing to have a past that feels at this point ancient, in this NOW. Some people where relating to me as if I was the 20 year old they left behind.

During this same time, I was getting started with Vortex Media Productions virtual tours so as I was growing my new business I was able to use Facebook to get the word out to my friends and get some exposure for the company I was birthing. As I grew with Real Tour Vision, I realized that it wasn’t just a virtual tour company but a community & I had a new set of “friends”, fellow RTV users, and tour providers.

These were important contacts to share professional interest and the virtual tour journey. It gave me exposure to their virtual tours and gave me an opportunity to share my tours of central Colorado. Putting them on Facebook changed the nature of my Facebook “friend.” There is a social juxtaposition when you start mixing the pictures of your wild time the night before with the colleagues who now share your Facebook page.

With Facebook users now having the option of having a public profile, the social networking capabilities become expanded. As business and personal mix in this ever-changing arena that is Facebook you have to ask, ” What happens when your boss asks to be your friend on Face Book?”

Avril Anjers
Central Colorado Virtual Tours
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