SEO Anchors and Text – Oh MY!

Hello all you fellow Bloggers. Yes, I typed that with a capital B because I think Blogging is important and I think the Bloggers are priceless. I had no idea when I signed up with RTV that I would learn so many new things that would improve not only my Web presence but also my web “intelligence”.

I have had a web page for the last year and thought I had it going on but now I am not so sure at all. I have learned so many new things my head spins every night when I lay down to sleep. I keep thinking about SEO, Anchor Text, Active Rain, LinkedIn, MySpace, FaceBook, RTV Blog and so on. WOW, I think a new one comes out everyday. I wrote one of my first Blogs quite awhile ago, before starting this new part of my life, about being “Left Behind” in the internet world. I think that it gets more true everyday. I don’t know how people that don’t have a wonderful mentor like Cheryl Waller will ever get there.

I am a little older than the normal New Blogger, and I have no background in computers (other than working on them everyday for years now) but I think everyone that wants to have a successful business had better take a close look at this new form of doing business on the internet. This is the way of the future and I don’t want to be “Left Behind”, I want to be right in the middle of it(actually I want to be in the forefront). Although I realize that I am not doing all of this perfectly yet I am getting better at it and will continue to hone my skills as I learn more about all of these wonderful new tools that are not only available, but free to those who will take a risk and learn something new.

It is time consuming at first but it is great to Google yourself and you show up first on the page. That makes you want to just keep Blogging and linking back more and more. Like I said, it takes a while to get it right so don’t give up. You may be closer than you think. So I will continue to follow Cheryl’s instruction and Blog weekly, tag frequently, link often, anchor wisely, and believe it or not I am having a blast!

I am so excited about new technology and new ideas I feel absolutely young again. I am not looking forward figuring out the blonde parts all over but I will get there. Don’t forget to check out my Blogs on Active Rain, and visit my pages at Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace, Active Rain and at Carol’s Place. Thanks for reading my blog and let me know what you think about being left behind.

And to just think, if I hadn’t signed up to be a Real Tour Vision provider I still wouldn’t know all of this. It may have taken years for me to reach this new height in my skill level on the internet. Thanks Cheryl and all of you at RTV and RPM. I really appreciate you.

Carol Harris
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