Putting Your BEST Foot Forward

In today’s tough real estate market are you putting your best foot forward for your listings? Are you a commercial business that wants to utilize virtual tour technology to showcase your business on the web? What are some questions to ask when looking for a virtual tour provider?

1. Do they offer 360 degree panoramas? If you want to showcase your property, do you want to see it all or only part of the story. Pro 360 Virtual Tours and Photography we offer you full 360 Virtual Tours, still photographs and anywhere in between. That gives you the power to choose what to show and what to leave out instead of being limited by technology that will only give partial room views.

2. Does the photographer use a Professional SLR Camera? A professional camera lends itself to many more options when it comes to changing lighting and exposure than a simple point and shoot camera will allow. If you are paying for professional photography is that what you are getting?

For example, what do you see when you look out the windows of your latest virtual tour? Can you see the view? Just look at the views captured in the Residential Virtual Tour of this golf course home. Would it be the same if you saw a blurred out window instead of that view? What are you getting from your virtual tour provider?
3. Are you getting Full Room Views for your still photos? Our Dallas Fort Worth Real Estate customers are able to take advantage of the Wide Angle Lens we use at Pro 360 Virtual Tours.

4. Will your photographer take the time to Photoshop to optimize thier photography? Can you see the difference in the Before and After Photos? Look at the straight walls in the second view.

If you are going to showcase a property with a Virtual Tour, don’t you want to put your best foot forward? Call us at Pro 360 Virtual Tours and Photography the next time you need a virtual tour in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.
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