New Ultra Mini Rotator for Cell Phones

Announcing the NEW Ultra-Mini Rotator and Auto-Magic FastStitch(tm) Cell Phone Software

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Tired of lugging around bulky equipment to your virtual tour shoots? Now you don’t have to! With the new Ultra Mini Rotator for your Cell phone, just clip your cell phone to the rotator, connect the control cord to your phone’s charging port, click the 10 second delay button and leave the room. The Ultra-Mini Rotator will automatically take 12 pictures at the correct exposure to create your 360° image. Yes, that’s right, your cell phone!

The Ultra-Mini works with all smart-phones and controls the exposure settings on your phone with the Ultra-Mini Smart base to produce high-quality professional images. No more expensive cameras, no more heavy equipment, all you need is a 1 mega pixel cell phone and your Ultra Mini Rotator and you’re ready to go! No one will ever know that you used your cell phone to create your professional photography!

Just call RTV to order yours today. And don’t forget to ask us about our NEW Auto-magic FastStitch cell phone software. Connect your computer to the Ultra-Mini Rotator Smart Base and the software will stitch all of your images and upload the completed virtual tour to our servers. With the Auto-Magic FastStitch software, creating your virtual tour manually is a thing of the past! Based on room modeling recognition dynamics built into the Auto-Magic FastStitch software, each completed 360° image will be named the correct room name. Room modeling recognition and naming is 99.9% accurate and is achieved through our proprietary software algorithms.

Imagine, just set the Ultra-Mini Rotator, press one button then connect to your computer and your virtual tour is complete.

No bulky equipment, no manual stitching, no processing whatsoever. The software does all the work to make YOUR cell phone pictures look JUST like you hired a professional photographer to photograph your listing!

But that’s not all.

Order before midnight on April 1, 2009 and we will add our Dynamic MLS Image Correction Software. Just enter your MLS username and password and this proprietary software will crawl your MLS listings and dynamically correct bad MLS photos. The software lightens, brightens, straightens and sharpens all MLS photos on your account while removing garbage cans, dirty dishes and laundry from all scenes! Run this software just once a week and never again worry about bad first impressions on buyers! (available for multiple MLS accounts in a single brokerage)

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