Marketing Your Virtual Tour Company

As a salesperson or a business owner, marketing is of utmost importance if you want to be and remain successful. You can never advertise enough, however, you must advertise correctly. Here are the top 4 tips on how to Market your Virtual Tour Business…or any other business for that matter, and if done correctly, will produce a long-term and continuous stream of leads for almost any type of Business.

TIP #1
Advertise with small local companies! The Owners of these companies often do most of the work, and always inspect the final product. Not only that, you are creating a “Word of Mouth Referral Machine” by partnering with them. Think about it… the small companies are only successful if you are, and they know it. They will always run circles around the “Corporate Minimum Wage Trainees” in the larger firms to ensure your success. If you can, you should avoid “Corporate” companies as much as possible in all aspects of your business.

TIP #2
Marketing your business should be looked at like an “Investment.” New restaurants are probably the most visible example of this tip, because they often times have no capital left over from their initial investment to get the word out. Consequently, their “Investment”, or lack thereof, dwindles quite rapidly, and by the time they start getting traffic in the door, they are too far in debt to recover.

Another example that comes to mind are the “Could be Great Businesses,” but didn’t entertain the idea of advertising. I like to call this one the….

“If You Open the Doors, Customers Will Come- Philosophy”

How many times have you seen a building in a great part of town have many different Businesses come and go? I often make cold-calls to these places and they all have one common phrase amongst them: “We don’t do any advertizing.” That’s completely okay with me, because in a couple of months there will be a new business in the same spot that might employ my services. I actually ran into a former business owner here in Loveland the other day. He told me how his booming business just started going south and how his competition had stolen his business. I felt bad for him, however, I felt equally awkward because I own the Internet Marketing Company that works for his competitor. As you probably already guessed, he “didn’t do any advertising.”

The truth is that Businesses who open their doors and fail to tell the public about the; who, what, where, when, why and how, will without a doubt fail.

TIP #3
Of course, there are ways to spend allot of money and get results, but by spending money, your overall ROI can be drastically minimized. Focusing on free methods of advertising can be the most effective means to secure your future. The only downside to “Free” is that work is almost always involved. But what better ROI is there than an “Investment” that you didn’t pay for, and is yielding income?

After exploring thousands of methods of free ways to market, I have been compiling a list of what I call “Blue Chip Freebies.” I haven’t tried them all out “YET”, but for the few hundred methods that I’ve tried over the last year and a half, some actually work very well. I must admit, that I am going nuts, but I hope to eventually save someone else from the Looney Bin by trying these ideas. (I will be publishing these soon)

TIP #4
Results should always be measured and tracked on a regular basis when doing any form of marketing. We all track our expenses so that we can pay the mortgage every month, so why would we not track our Marketing so that we know how to pay our mortgage best?

As a Colorado Virtual Tour Company and Marketing Provider, most of my clients and prospects have little to no idea where all of their sellers or buyers heard about them. Of course, I do much of the tracking for them from what I do, but what about that Newspaper Ad, or the Highway Sign that they’re paying a handsome fortune for? The truth is, methods of marketing become cyclical with the market, and some even go extinct. Do not let this happen to you.

I hope that this has helped with your marketing efforts, and look for my next Blog on Free and effective marketing for your business, or “Blue Chip Freebies” as it will be titled.

Nathan Strauch
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