Making Manual “Automatic” in Virtual Tours

As my virtual tour and real estate photography business has progressed, and improved, I’ve noticed that my desire for more advanced equipment has increased along the way. I started using a “point and shoot” Canon S3IS and quickly moved to a DSLR Nikon D40 and now have a Nikon D90. The D90 is definitely overkill for VT photography, but it is perfect for my still photography and does work really well for virtual tours too.

Anyway, the improvement in my photography didn’t necessarily come from purchasing better equipment, but from learning the nuances of equipment that I am currently using. The biggest step is taking the camera off of the “Automatic” setting and learning the manual features. Each camera has different characteristics with color, saturation and white balance that you will need to learn, but adjusting the “exposure” setting is the single greatest improvement you can make with VT photography.

Adjusting the exposure setting will help you achieve a clear view out of the front window and also retain the detail around the fireplace across the room. Depending on the camera, changing the exposure will automatically automatically change the aperture and shutter saving you from making additional adjustments.

Taking practice tours is the best way to learn your camera’s features and automatically know which manual settings will give you the best images. Your great images will lead to ecstatic great improvements in your business.

Chuck Gullett
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