Keeping it Clean

EVERY week we get calls from virtual tour providers and it starts something like this, “Hi, I got a virus and I had to redo my whole machine. Where can I download Tour Builder?” It happens SO often.

We strongly recommend the programs below. Remember that you can’t be too careful!
1. Download Malware Bytes
2. Download ATF Cleaner
3. Download SuperAntiSpyware
4. Install all three and then get the updates
5. Run all three, one at a time. It doesn’t really matter what order. It may come up and tell you that you have adware or cookies that are not good. Those usually don’t cause major problems but you can get rid of them. If you come up with any malicious infections, or if it names any trojans, rootkits, etc then delete the files as instructed and start the process over using the special steps below.
6. Reboot in safe mode with no networking support
7. Turn off System Restore in the System icon of the Control Panel – Caution: This will delete all your old restore points.
8. Run ATF Cleaner to delete temporary files, cache, cookies, etc. This is much faster than using Windows tools to do it.
9. Run Malware Bytes and follow directions to delete anything it finds.
10. Run SuperAntiSpyware and follow the directions to delete anything it finds.

Of course it is always a great idea to have an anti-virus program running at all times. You can also upgrade to an anti-virus suite with real time spyware scanning or purchase a program like MalwareBytes that scans in real time. This is supposed to help prevent infection, rather than clean it up afterwards. You should always make sure you get Windows updates also. If your computer isn’t patched it makes you more vulnerable. According to our research unpatched Adobe Reader and unpatched Java open you up for attack as well so it is really a good idea to update any program that prompts you. They make updates for a reason so don’t ignore them!

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