Chris Grumley | The Voice of RTV

After being asked to record the voice on RTV‘s newest business presentation it really opened up to me just what a powerful product we all have in our hands. This isn’t a regular run of the mill virtual tour and anyone who isn’t utilizing all the added ingredients is, in my opinion, missing out big time. The new Spiderlink technology is evident after only a few days after the tour has been properly networked through the social networking sites, and this alone is one massive benefit for RTV over the competition. Adding voice to a tour can personalize it one step further. With voice the tour becomes more real in the viewers eyes. It makes for a warmer and friendlier experience and offers firm direction to the end user.

I offer special pricing to all RTV providers which will remain through 2009 at only $29 for a 30 second script embedded over 4 minutes of music. Ninety words are about 30 seconds and the finished product will be emailed to you as an MP3, easily to upload to your tour via the T.M.S. To get started just email me the script and I will turn it around within 24 hours.

Make full use of the new Business Presentation and good luck!
Chris Grumley
Florida Eye Tours, LLC
941 219 2106