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Don’t have time for Traverse City real estate blogging? Do you have a Northern Michigan business and find yourself not hip on the blogging thing? Don’t worry because team BlueLaVaMedia is busier than ever before blogging about your listings and your business for you! Every time you order an interactive 360 virtual tour from us we will add your listing to our new TC Real Estate Blog

We want to make sure your virtual tours, business, and real estate listings are getting indexed by the search engines and blogging is the best way to achieve that. By now you have most likely already noticed that your virtual tours are coming up in the search engines when you google your first and last name or property address. Take a moment and just see for yourself!

Google “Frog Pond Village” – Look for the virtual tour
Google “Andrea Galloup” – Look for the virtual tour

This is due in part to our new SpiderLink technology and our new blog working together in unison to build stronger back links to your interactive 360 virtual tours! When you order property marketing services from us you can sit back, relax and let BlueLaVaMedia give you the powerful property marketing that you deserve!

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As an RTV provider one of our main goals is to keep up with our website’s content, but as we all know, we seldom make updates to its content unless we change or add a promotional item. Two days ago our company,Virtual Vista, made major structural and content changes. During this conversion, we decided to make the commitment to keep its content fresh, thus increasing traffic and improving search engine ranking.

As a result of this commitment we decided to use the Real Tour Vision’s Blogs to keep it fresh. While researching the best way to incorporate this feature into our website, we stumbled up on this web page (; this article is all about RSS Specifications.

The article explains the different ways and technologies we can use to accomplish this task. The easiest way to accomplish this is to use JavaScript, but this option would defeat our purpose. Why? Because search engines DO NOT actually “see” the content of the RSS Feed, thus the content of the feed within our website would not be indexed (bummer).

Another option was to use a PHP to display the RSS Feeds. The beauty of this option is that the content will be displayed as HTML and thus Search-Engine-Friendly! This is what we were looking for! But wait a minute; we really are not comfortable with PHP Scripting, so we kept on reading.

Finally, an ASP solution, just like the PHP one, but using ASP Scripting! Please don’t take us wrong, PHP is great, but we are ASP people since ASP was conceived.

We proceeded to download the FREE code from the website and after learning how it works, we decided to make some adjustments to suit our needs.

We made some small changes and converted the code to work as a function; this function accepts parameters and can restrict the output to display a specific number of blogs and whether we want to display just the titles or the entire content.

We just wanted to share this with you all, you can see a working sample by clicking the following links: (this shows the title feeds) (Shows the full feed)

Keep in touch,

Ric Castro
Virtual Vista
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How is your virtual tour business going? Think about this…One person asked a group of people if anyone wanted to get paid for growing tomatoes? Ten people raised their hands, the person gave all ten people the same plants, shovel, hoe and tomato stacks. In about a two months he went and checked on how all ten people where doing. He found that four people had not even worked the ground to start planting. Two people worked the ground and planted but forgot to water. Two people worked the ground, planted and watered but never weeded. One person worked the ground, planted, watered everyday, weeded and was happily getting tomatoes. And finally a single person worked the ground, planted in the best light area, watered and weeded every morning and night, threw in a bit of fertilizer, and used the tomato stacks to support the plants better as they grew. This person already had tomatoes ready for sale before anyone else.

Remember that even if you have the tools needed to start a very successful virtual tour company, you need to continue to care for it and maintain it daily. Always have a list of things that you want to accomplish right next to your computer and cross things off as you finish them. If you don’t I can promise you that it will take you MUCH longer to see those “prize winning” beef steak tomatoes!

Not only do I know how to run a very successful virtual tour company, I also know how to grow tomatoes. They both take the same care and daily attention.

Michael Thompson
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Final Call to all TAAR and TC Business Owners:

Hey it’s been a great run in the last month watching so many interested parties sign up for our Traverse City Social Networking webinar on Tuesday April 28th at 7:00 PM. Honestly I did not think we would have over 100 but here we are now at 130 registered. Simply amazing!! For those of you that have not yet signed up for webinar you can still do so over the next couple of days.

This is the first of many more FREE webinars to come from team BlueLaVaMedia as we get TC on the map for social networking, strong link building, basic SEO tips and of course BLOGGING which is the foundation.

If you’re not signed up for this and would like to learn more about Blogging, search engine optimization and social networking, this is one webinar you won’t want to miss! Sign up now and learn from the Guru.

Jason LaVanture
Traverse City Blogging Course
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In today’s economy, many companies are downsizing their workforce, resulting in a growing inventory of unused commercial space. At the same time, a large number of entrepreneurs and small businesses are looking to reduce their overhead by re-negotiating their existing commercial leases, or finding new space altogether. has launched an office space portal website to facilitate the interaction between companies burdened with carrying the cost of their unused office space and small businesses/entrepreneurs looking to streamline their expenses. A shared space is the perfect solution for a small business or entrepreneur looking to cut costs, while providing a revenue stream to a space holder when they can use it the most. This “win-win” relationship also helps landlords as it could prevent a tenant from having to give back a space altogether.

In just minutes, a space holder can post their open office space and property listing including: virtual tours, photos, property descriptions, maps, video, 2D/3D floor plans and even property brochures. Small businesses and entrepreneurs looking for cost effective retail, office, commercial or service space can easily search property listings by country, state, neighborhood or price. If a user does not find a “space” meeting their criteria, they can create an email alert which will automatically notify them if a property is listed that does.

RTV providers producing virtual tours for commercial properties can now add this free service to their arsenal as a way of helping to promote their clients office space and properties. In addition, RTV providers can build a free company profile on the site to promote their services to a captive audience of small businesses, entrepreneurs and real estate professionals.

Thanks RTV!
Open Office Space

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