Things Aren’t That Bad

Remember your first lesson about sales? If you’re like the vast majority of people in the Real Estate industry or any sales business for that matter, your first lesson was entirely about “Staying Positive” and “Good things will happen”.

“Yesterday” many of us rarely read the news, because of the negativity that it showed. “Today” we can’t get enough of it! The fact of the matter is that the news is always going to get you down! Why is it that? Even though we all know bad news sells and most news is inherently “bad”, we are compelled to it as if we need an excuse why we aren’t making any money.

From the vast majority of the Realtors that I speak with, I hear all about how homes aren’t selling; Jumbo Loans this or Escrow that, FSBO’s are taking over. WHAT! I can’t believe what I’m hearing. I understand that while it’s very important to know your Current Industry News, many are using the so-called “State of the Market” as a platform for failure.

I am not a Realtor, in fact I am a 360 Virtual Tour Photographer, but my success relies greatly on my fellow Realtors’ success. I keep up on my current events and as I do, I keep an open mind for the “TRUTH”, and I sift out all opinion. For instance:

Sales ARE down from last year—BUT—Call me when people no longer need housing, and we’re all searching for the perfect 2 Story Tent with a dog run.

Credit IS tight— BUT—The banks are still open! Call me when we all start trading in seashells.

FSBO’s ARE many—BUT— the average Real Estate I.Q. of Joe Public is bordering on “Duh.” Call me when he gets his “Masters”. (Better yet, call him and make a lasting impression! Then call me!)

I’m not blind to the fact that there may be fewer buyers—BUT— We ARE salespeople, when did we actually start thinking that we only sell to people who call us?

Does anyone remember the 2nd sales lesson? “People always make purchases on emotion!” If you are down, what do you really think that does to your buyer….. and worse yet, your ability to keep that buyer interested?

All that I can say is that unless there is a deadly rattlesnake latched onto your leg, “Do not shoot yourself in the foot!” (Try to get the snake first though)

Once again, I am not a Real Estate Agent. Although, other than all of that fun legal stuff that a Realtor does, I am in many ways doing the same thing that people want from a listing agent. As the owner of a small Virtual Tour Business in Colorado, I can tell you that my business is through the roof right now, mostly with FSBO’s. The only real reason is because I don’t JUST sell Virtual Tours. I sell exposure for homes and by using the new RTV SpiderLink(tm) technology I can even get the tours on the first page of google and other top search engines.

There is absolutely no reason why I can get all of this business and agents can’t. However, my clients give me reasons all of the time. The top two reasons are:

1. We were listed with _______ , but our home wasn’t getting any traffic and we couldn’t see the benefit.

The problem with this is EXPOSURE! There are millions of people in Colorado, and their agent couldn’t get 3 or 4 qualified buyers to even see this listing? While I can’t give out my secrets, I can say that there are literally thousands of “FREE” platforms to get this done. All that it takes is a little bit of work! (I marketed a “Bill of Sale” property for one day and it was gone)

2. We can’t afford to pay 3-7% by listing with an agent.

YES they can! Home sellers read the news too, and they really think that their house is worth “X” amount of dollars. The solution to this is that you simply become what you were born to do, become a salesperson. Sell them the benefit, and follow through with your promises of, here it is again…… “EXPOSURE”.

In conclusion, your business is only what you make of it. Success is out there for everyone, but only for those who go after change and do it with a great attitude will attain it. I truly hope that this has helped someone. I understand that I am no “Zig Zeigler”, but what comes around-goes around! (I love Cliche’s)

Good Luck!

Nathan Strauch
Hot Shots Digital
Colorado Virtual Tours

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