Social Ignition Webinar for TAAR Members

Over the last year while Jim has been in and out of several hundred homes here in Northern Michigan, I have been busy working on something truly unique, that is so powerful, and yet incredibly easy to learn. In fact, every time I show someone they always wonder why they have not been doing it all along.

I must admit that I used to plug my ears anytime someone mentioned Digg, Delicious, Furl, Technorati, Backflip, or Twitter to me. But that was before I realized the sheer potential for literally ANYONE…in ANY business…anywhere in the World to maximize their online exposure. So yes, this does mean YOU!

Like you I used to hear these new buzz phrases and ignore them.

I used to see little symbols like this AddThis popping up all over the web and, yes, I simply looked the other way. Do you remember when email was the same way? Back when you could still run your business without a website? Times are quickly changing and once again real estate agents must do the same.

Don’t worry because once you learn a few of the basics this will be just as easy for you to do as it is to send an email. I promise! If you are a member of TAAR and would like to find out how you can start to leverage the power of social networking and bookmarking I highly encourage you to attend the BlueLaVaMedia Social Ignition Webinar next month. You will be able to view our webinar from the comfort of your home computer via the internet!!

The webinar is absolutely FREE to all TAAR members. Yes I said FREE. The only thing that my program will require of you is a bit of your time and willingness to make some small changes in the way you conduct business online.

Are you ready for Social Ignition? Stop by our website and sign up for this event! Once you’re pre-registered just keep an eye out for our next BlueLaVaMedia newsletter which will contain our activation link and webinar schedule.

See you at at the show!!

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