The IMAGE Draws Record Attendance

We had a great first webinar last night and achieved a record attended. Jim Blue a TC Virtual Tour photographer for team BlueLaVa put on a great lecture showing the World how to properly use the flash. During the webinar flash settings were covered in great detail as well as how to capture great window shots during your virtual tours. This is something many photographers ask their RTV sales rep and customer support reps all the time. Last night Jim layed down step by step in structions on how to achieve the perfect window show without the need to post process the images!!!

During the show Jim and Ben Knorr, host of The IMAGE and seven year employee to RTV as their chief lens engineeer, discussed the many reasons to use an external flash as opposed to an on board flash system. Jim also went into great detail as to what camera settings work well with the flash and why he uses flash on most of his virtual tour photographs.

Here are some comments from some RTV providers that attended the premiere of The IMAGE:

“Excellent seminar looking for to next one. I am grateful for this because I have held back to learn more about lightening..Just signed with our local chamber and we are the only virtual tour listed so I am hopeful to get things moving now! But my lighting has been an issue so thank you for this.”
-Jacqueline Parks

“Great Job on the Webinar tonight – we bought our Canon Rebel xsi today – and will get our new Tokina lens at, your sponsor for last night’s show!”
-Paul and Jane

“THANKS JIM!!!!!!!”
-Nathan Strauch
Hot Shots Digital

“Awesome Job Ben and Jim… Ok you also Jason.”
-Robert Wicker
ACW Enterprises, LLC

-Stephen Moluse
SGM/Design 360

“LOVED this!!!!”
-Jean Lehman

“Great webinar tonight! Very useful info.”
-Lori Tuttle

“thanks, guys”
-Bob Bundy & Mark Douglas
Coastal Virtual Tour Systems-South Carolina

If you were not able to attend this webinar visit:

Remember to listen for the discount offer and code during each show from our show sponsor. The IMAGE will reveal a special coupon code during each of our shows that you may use on our sponsors site. If you know the code for this episode of The IMAGE please contact Ben Knorr. We hope you all can make it to our next episode of The IMAGE which will be held at the end of April.

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