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On February 12, 2009 – The global charity organization – Charity: Water hosted a global event with Social Media technology Twitter – called Twestival. This special event was well received in Rochester, NY and was coordinated by marketer master – Matthew Ray. To support this event – RTV, Inc. Full Service provider – Mac Village Productions, producer of Rochester virtual tours attended the event to shoot both candid shots and create a virtual tour of the event.

To learn more about this event and Twestival, please check out our blog and website here.

Bill Harris AKA Skeeter
Mac Village Productions
Rochester Virtual Tour Provider

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BlueLaVaMedia is proud to announce our new 2009 Exposure Engine. The new 2009 Exposure Engine now only $20.00 ($5.00 more than our 2008 product) comes fully loaded with our all new Smart Phone virtual tour an E-Flyer (email ready listing flyer), and blog distribution to First off, let’s talk about the Exposure Engine in itself. The Exposure Engine by BlueLaVaMedia allows real estate agents and local business owners to do what they do best and that is list homes, sell homes, and conduct everyday business while not getting their hands dirty with the online promotion of their listings and products. That is where we come in.

The sheer purpose of the Exposure Engine is to generate more traffic to the online virtual tour which, simply put, is an extension of the agents or business owners existing website in the form of a virtual tour. Virtual tours in nature are quite viral. In fact, I personally know of very few virtual tours where the number of virtual tours sent via email don’t over shadow the number of hits the tour received from other referring sites including, the local MLS and other sites the tour receives hits from. Simply put; virtual tours, once opened, are aggressively sent from person to person via email and the Internet.

Over the course of our first year in business the BlueLaVaMedia Exposure Engine was our #2 highest sold product next to our interactive 360 virtual tours. In fact with over 200 virtual tours completed in our first year of business we sold 130 Exposure Engines. It only makes sense then that we would reinvest our time and energy into making our existing Exposure Engine more robust. Our Exposure Engine keeps the virtual tour listing refreshed on Craigslist, pushes the virtual tour to YouTube, and also pushes to popular sits such as Google, Trulia, Zillow as well as to many others. Aside from its ability to mass syndicate a 360 virtual tour, the Exposure Engine also builds many back links to the virtual tour. In the end, this means that our virtual tours start building natural rank on Realtor® name, and listing address. That’s right…when you google any of our customer names or the addresses of their listings you are more than likely to see their virtual tours popping up organically in the search engine results pages aka SERPS. Try it if you don’t believe me!!!

Let’s discuss briefly the updates made to our new 2009 Exposure Engine. First off, we are now including an E-Flyer with the purchase of our Exposure Engine. The E-Flyer is an HTML email-ready flyer that our customers can easily send out to prospects anytime they wish. You can preview a sample BlueLaVaMedia E-Flyer HERE. Secondly, and by popular demand, we are also creating a SMART PHONE virtual tour that is sent to every customer upon completion. The new Smart Phone tour allows real estate agents and local business owners to carry with them at all times their virtual tour on their cell phones for on demand preview. See our new Smart Phone tour HERE.

Finally, we are very proud to introduce our all new local Northern Michigan real estate and virtual tour portal, Every new virtual tour completed by BlueLaVaMedia gets published to our Blog which allows home shoppers and internet visitors to preview our entire virtual tour inventory. Visitors and local real estate agents alike can also take advantage of our new virtual tour feed which will automatically email out any new virtual tour postings daily. To subscribe to our virtual tour feed simply visit and sign up on the right hand side of the website.

Jim and I are very pleased with your ongoing support and will continue to enhance our property marketing offerings. Are you photographing your own virtual tours? Are you using another virtual tour service that is not adapting to the power of web 2.0 and social networking? Are able to tell your customers that you are sending in a professional virtual tour photographer to showcase their home online? If not, perhaps it is time that you give the BlueLaVaMedia team a try! Sell Smarter…Sell Faster with team BlueLaVa!

Team BlueLaVa
Traverse City Virtual Tours
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We had a great first webinar last night and achieved a record attended. Jim Blue a TC Virtual Tour photographer for team BlueLaVa put on a great lecture showing the World how to properly use the flash. During the webinar flash settings were covered in great detail as well as how to capture great window shots during your virtual tours. This is something many photographers ask their RTV sales rep and customer support reps all the time. Last night Jim layed down step by step in structions on how to achieve the perfect window show without the need to post process the images!!!

During the show Jim and Ben Knorr, host of The IMAGE and seven year employee to RTV as their chief lens engineeer, discussed the many reasons to use an external flash as opposed to an on board flash system. Jim also went into great detail as to what camera settings work well with the flash and why he uses flash on most of his virtual tour photographs.

Here are some comments from some RTV providers that attended the premiere of The IMAGE:

“Excellent seminar looking for to next one. I am grateful for this because I have held back to learn more about lightening..Just signed with our local chamber and we are the only virtual tour listed so I am hopeful to get things moving now! But my lighting has been an issue so thank you for this.”
-Jacqueline Parks

“Great Job on the Webinar tonight – we bought our Canon Rebel xsi today – and will get our new Tokina lens at, your sponsor for last night’s show!”
-Paul and Jane

“THANKS JIM!!!!!!!”
-Nathan Strauch
Hot Shots Digital

“Awesome Job Ben and Jim… Ok you also Jason.”
-Robert Wicker
ACW Enterprises, LLC

-Stephen Moluse
SGM/Design 360

“LOVED this!!!!”
-Jean Lehman

“Great webinar tonight! Very useful info.”
-Lori Tuttle

“thanks, guys”
-Bob Bundy & Mark Douglas
Coastal Virtual Tour Systems-South Carolina

If you were not able to attend this webinar visit:

Remember to listen for the discount offer and code during each show from our show sponsor. The IMAGE will reveal a special coupon code during each of our shows that you may use on our sponsors site. If you know the code for this episode of The IMAGE please contact Ben Knorr. We hope you all can make it to our next episode of The IMAGE which will be held at the end of April.

As RTV continues to grow and become the World’s dominating virtual tour provider we are dedicated to providing you with free camera and marketing training.

Order a virtual tour today! – 866-947-8687

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Hello all in RTV Land and welcome to my blog submission. Today brings on another facet to my existing business – Virtual Tours. As a current business owner of Professional Photography in Portraits and Wedding, I have over 13 years in serving the London Ontario business base.

My skills behind the camera and computer combined with current photographic equipment and latest software allow me to complete tasks at hand quickly and efficiently. Years of satisfied customers allow me to enter this new facet of business with confidence to service my new customers with quality, reliability, and speed. Don’t forget to inquire about our introductory special.

We perform London, Ontario virtual tours and surrounding counties. Thanks for checking this out and let the experience begin. Have a Great Day.

Robert Miedema
London Virtual Tours
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Over the last year while Jim has been in and out of several hundred homes here in Northern Michigan, I have been busy working on something truly unique, that is so powerful, and yet incredibly easy to learn. In fact, every time I show someone they always wonder why they have not been doing it all along.

I must admit that I used to plug my ears anytime someone mentioned Digg, Delicious, Furl, Technorati, Backflip, or Twitter to me. But that was before I realized the sheer potential for literally ANYONE…in ANY business…anywhere in the World to maximize their online exposure. So yes, this does mean YOU!

Like you I used to hear these new buzz phrases and ignore them.

I used to see little symbols like this AddThis popping up all over the web and, yes, I simply looked the other way. Do you remember when email was the same way? Back when you could still run your business without a website? Times are quickly changing and once again real estate agents must do the same.

Don’t worry because once you learn a few of the basics this will be just as easy for you to do as it is to send an email. I promise! If you are a member of TAAR and would like to find out how you can start to leverage the power of social networking and bookmarking I highly encourage you to attend the BlueLaVaMedia Social Ignition Webinar next month. You will be able to view our webinar from the comfort of your home computer via the internet!!

The webinar is absolutely FREE to all TAAR members. Yes I said FREE. The only thing that my program will require of you is a bit of your time and willingness to make some small changes in the way you conduct business online.

Are you ready for Social Ignition? Stop by our website and sign up for this event! Once you’re pre-registered just keep an eye out for our next BlueLaVaMedia newsletter which will contain our activation link and webinar schedule.

See you at at the show!!

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