TaylorMade Design on Economic Blues

Let’s face it. Every single time we see the evening news, pick up the morning paper, or get our Fox News feed, the headlines are all the same: Economic Meltdown. People are losing jobs left and right, retailers and going under, and the housing market is in a slump. And then, one thing feeds on another. A loss of job means loss of income which means cutting spending on frivolous (or not) retail items (but I need the iphone for my business!). Cutting the retail spending means retailers have to cut back which means more loss of jobs. This loss of jobs means people can’t afford to pay for their home anymore with means they have to sell.

Have you seen the size of Realtor magazines and classified ads these days? They’re as thick as a Dallas phone book. Houses aren’t moving.

This is where we, as East Texas virtual tour and property marketing experts, come in. If we can get our amazing technology and exposure engine in front of ‘John and Jane Realtor’, or For Sale by Owners, and they can use this amazing technology to literally flood the internet and social networks at the click of a mouse, then home sales can do nothing but go up. And the great thing is, when they use our Property Exposure Engine with our Tyler Virtual Tour services, they aren’t just reaching a ‘minimal market’ where someone going in to get groceries just happens to pick up one of these rotund catalogs, they are spanning the globe and maximizing exposure!

Social Networking on overload anyone?

Now thanks to this technology, the life altering job acceptance 10 states away doesn’t have to be so stressful. Buyers can pick out a new home before they even leave the state! He or she now has the technology to view everything from the driveway to that huge walk in closet of the home they’ve always dreamed of. And they found it on facebook through a friend that saw it on another social network!

And it doesn’t stop there! Really ambitious Texas VT providers that cater to the needs of real estate agents don’t limit themselves to virtual tours of homes. Why not include a virtual tour of the whole city on your real estate website! Spotlight the landmarks, schools, parks, anything that makes the people of that city proud. This way, not only does the potential buyer get to see their new home, they can see their new neighborhood, visit their kids new school, and see the park where they will soon be walking their dog. Oh and they saw it on YOUR website.. the one with the cool virtual tour of the town!

These are the things that set us apart and let us make a difference. You can’t get that from a 2″x2″ black and white print ad that you have to sell a kidney to afford. I know that we can’t feasibly fix the entire nations economy, but if we do our part to help the Realtors & FSBO’s do their part, we give the economy a boost in the place where it is hurting the most…The Housing Market.

Stop by my website to learn more about driving traffic to your site and using virtual tours and our Property Marketing Expertise to maximize your presence on the web. The information is free, you don’t have to buy a thing from us and just one idea could turn your ‘marketing plan’ into a ‘marketing funnel’!

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