Tally Tours Expands Offering

This is the first RTV blog from the (relatively) new Head Photographer at Tally Tours, Inc. With the departure of our President, Myles Lasco, from our base in Tallahassee, I have taken over the day-to-day operations of shooting and creating the virtual tours for the community of Tallahassee, FL. And with Myles’s recent vacation to the land down under, it has fallen to me to write this update.

While business is fairly consistent and surprisingly steady for us in these winter months, it does not seem to be the same for our partners in crime, the Realtors. We stay busy, of course, because the Realtors are doing everything they can think of to sell homes, and virtual tours are thankfully something that they think of. However, in these economically-fractured times, it seems that the more creative one can be with their small business, the more successful they will be. Therefore, I’d like to announce that Tally Tours, Inc. will be branching out from just the real estate community in Tallahassee.

We have developed the commercial side of our business and have begun to seek out clients who may not otherwise realize just how beneficial a virtual tour can be for their business. We will be reaching out to residential businesses such as apartments, hotels, and retirement homes but also to restaurants and other businesses that may host parties and functions and would like to advertise their beautiful facilities. Also, I was recently in San Diego shooting a tour for the San Diego Yacht Club (which you can see at their website www.sdyc.org). Along that line, we’re going to be offering tours to resorts and golf clubs so that they can add virtual tours to their marketing and advertising strategies.

Finally, we are reaching out to local schools and churches, who I doubt have ever thought about having virtual tours created for them. This would help not only the schools (particularly the private schools) but also families moving to Tallahassee would be able to find these virtual tours and research their new community before they relocate. The community virtual tours, such as the schools and churches, will also be available to local Realtors to put on their websites which I believe will help them get more business from the relocating population.

Who can say how the future of the real estate market will affect the virtual tour business, but with this new commercial side of the business, we believe we can keep our small business steady and likely even grow significantly in 2009.


Kevin Wohlgemuth
Head Photographer
(850) 491-3909