RTV Virtual Tour Marketing is a MUST!

I’ve been an RTV provider with my in Company Perfect Images Treasure Coast Virtual Tours for over two years now. It took me that long to discover The Inner-Circle Virtual Tour Marketing Membership. Oh, I knew it existed. I just enjoyed doing my own advertising, creating flyers, cards, emails etc and thought I could do it on my own. Which I would be able to if the day had 48 hours! A person can only do so much. When RTV announced the Inner Circle Membership I just said to myself that it was something for providers that did not have the knowledge nor expertise in advertising. Boy, was I wrong!

When I logged in for the first time I was overwhelmed with everything in there. Still a month into my membership I haven’t seen 95% of what is in there. New RTV virtual tour providers get full access to this stuff for THREE MONTHS when they first sign up. RTV did not have the marketing program when I became a provider but they make it very affordable for me to check this out.

I now know, that the RTV Inner-Circle is going to save me time and money, time I can use to reach more customers and make money. RTV providers have the marketing and development support of their business. Every month RTV posts new marketing materials to help your virtual tour company grow.

Being an Inner- Circle member is optional. I recommend joining simply to have access to each episode of “The Formula“, the monthly newsletter that is written for me to give to my customers, the press releases that are back there, and the amazing power point presentations they have for you. It’s all done for you!

Cheryl does a wonderful job getting lots of free and low cost resource information for us. Real Tour Vision has done a wonderful job by teaming up with RPM and Cheryl Waller to create more support for all providers.

Thanks RTV!!!!

Claudia Jaramillo
Perfect Images
Treasure Coast Virtual Tours

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