Localized Exposure For Your Virtual Tours

The Virtual Tour Website That Offers Some Interesting Benefits

In this article I’d like to share with you some information about my virtual tour company website Medallion Virtual Tours at www.Medallion360.com, including some key features that I think sets us apart from the average virtual tour site. I believe the most important feature of our site is how the “active” virtual tours and slide show presentations produced by Medallion Virtual Tours are linked and listed. We use a style similar to most real estate and vacation rental and lodging web sites. Using a familiar layout in design and navigation can quickly speed-up the learning curve for new visitors while moving them toward our virtual tour and slide show presentation links. Best of all, a click on a clients virtual tour link from our website will directly result in a www.Medallion360.com referral hit on that client’s Real Tour Vision (RTV) tour stats page.

I offer our “active” virtual tour listing as a FREE add-on service for our real estate, property management, vacation rental, restaurant and business clients. Our clients benefit in several ways, one from the added exposure and visitor traffic to their virtual tour links from our websites (www.Medallion360.com and www.CambriaVirtualTours.com) and two, from our top page position on Goggle, Yahoo and others. We even do some Google Adwords buys in key cities that we serve to help boost our exposure. It’s great to look over our tour traffic reports and see Medallion360.com or CambriaVirtualTours.com as one of the top referring URL’s listed on a client’s report. And let me tell you… the client does notice! That’s a win, win in my book.

You might wonder how much work is involved in maintaining a web page that lists all of your “active” tours or real estate listings. Tasks like keeping the data up-to-date and fresh can be challenging, especially if you have a large number of “active” virtual tours, real estate listings or vacation rentals. Here’s how I do it, and I’d be happy to set-up a similar system for your virtual tour, real estate or vacation rental company. The Medallion Virtual Tours website was developed using php and MySQL database. I’ve developed a number of similar sites for real estate firms and vacation rental companies across America. If you are an RTV provider, a real estate or property management firm, I’d be happy to set-up a dynamic site for your company. Imagine featuring your virtual tours, real estate listings or vacation rentals in a similar way. Best of all, the dynamic content management system (CMS) requires NO programming skills to maintain. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser. Updating your virtual tour or real estate data is accomplished by filling out a form. That’s it! For additional information check out my ActiveRain Blog or follow me on Twitter.

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Central California Virtual Tours
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