Is Your Website Down

I recently ran across a cool little tool that monitors your website (or any site or sites for that matter). It’s mainly for web developers who manage multiple sites, but even if you only have one site it is handy. Best of all it’s free! That seems to be the norm with web tools today. So many talented people recognize the fact that it’s good to give away something with the expectation that something (probably even better) will come back to them.

Ok, so head over to Are My Sites Up? and create an account. Then just enter in the site or sites that you want to monitor. If the site goes down for a significant amount of time you’ll get an email. Then you’ll receive another email when it comes back up. It’s that simple and that is all the tool does. Oh, and you can also have it send a text message to your phone instead of an email!

I have sites on a couple of different hosts and one in particular has gone down for ten or fifteen minutes at a time (mostly during the night). The others have yet to go down in the six weeks or so that I’ve been using this tool. That tells me that I may want to change hosts or contact support at the host. If you do contact support you also have a record to prove that you’re having a problem. A recent upgrade to the service gives you the error code that the site is returning.

Since we depend so much on our websites to market our businesses these days, making sure it stays up is important. Now you have an easy tool to keep an eye on it.

Hope you find this useful!

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