Virtual Tour Provider Gets Fed Ex’ed

I thought is was just a coincidence, but now I’m beginning to wonder. I am a downtown Chicago virtual tour provider for ThreeSixtyChicago Media and it seems that whenever I am taking exterior shots of condo buildings, a familiar logo enters my viewfinder. It is absolutely uncanny how often a Fed Ex truck comes screaming around the corner and parks right in front of the building I am trying to shoot. I am even on the lookout for them… set the camera, look left, look right, “all clear”, I think to myself. Then, BAM, out of nowhere, there’s a Fed Ex truck! David Copperfield isn’t lurking around the neighborhood, so I have no idea how this is happening. Luckily, the trucks are gone pretty quick or I can figure out an interesting angle to crop them out. Now it cracks me up, so I am thinking about starting a photo gallery of Fed Ex trucks in front of cool condo buildings.