RTV Sends YOU Virtual Tour Business

2008 was an incredible year for our Tour Track participants. RTV virtual tour providers all across the Continental United States and Hawaii took advantage of the Tour Track program in their area. Tour Track saw a very large increase in 2008, as well as securing 15 additional national accounts!!!

Participating providers were sent Tour Track dispatches for an array of assignments such as; virtual tours of real estate and commercial properties, city and downtown tours, and still-shot only packages for upscale housing. Many locations shot through Tour Track are top of the line apartment communities and beautifully decorated high priced homes. This gives photographers great samples to add to their website and portfolios with none of the leg work.

Here are some recent Tour Track provider testimonials:

“Tour Track jobs are very simple. You contact the client, set the appointment, shoot upload and get paid. There’s no soliciting, no sales calls, and no hassle… One particular client turned out to be a very reliable ongoing client. I’ve shot several of their new home communities for their internet marketing which helped me through the holiday season!”
~ Bob Busser

“I would like to give a big Thank You to RTV and their Tour Track Program. I was in corporate outside sales for more than 14 years and I can appreciate the value of a free lead — not just a lead, but actual orders. …Because of our work with the Tour Track program, I have received several leads for other business that I have closed for thousands of dollars in revenue to my company.”
~Lisa Castro
Grand Prairie Virtual Tours

Payouts range from $100 to $400 and can come with additional great perks such as gift certificates and tour credits. Tour Track is a vital part of RTV that has grown in tremendous volume since it began in 2005; we look forward to an even more prosperous year for our Tour Track participating providers in 2009.

Even in this time of economic instability and recession, our national photography service has become an ever-growing income stream for RTV and it’s providers. Because our customer base elects to use RTV because of our incredible quality in order to participate in the Tour Track program, providers must provide a link to a gallery showing samples of their still photography work.

Here’s to a prosperous and Touriffic 2009 for all of our Tour Track program participants!

If you are an RTV provider please submit your photo gallery link to Jacque@realtourvision.com.

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