New to RTV Virtual Tours

I just started with RTV as a Full Service Provider about 2 months ago. I currently have a job with a major transportation carrier and needed extra income due to my wife being unable to work because of my childs illness. Several competitors in the industry have been laying people off and because of this I felt that having your own business is very important.

I strongly reccommend RTV because there is very little start-up costs and the Virtual Tour business is in such high demand with so many Internet companies. RTV staff trained me to create professional virtual tours starting from zero experience and has helped me build a very professional website. I anticipate that within 2 months, with RTV’s help in optimizing my website, I will begin getting many orders in both the Real Estate and Commercial markets. I will keep everyone posted with my results, and hope to be very successful with my new business.

Thank you RTV for giving me all the tools and knowledge that i need to develop a highly profitable virtual tour business in the years ahead.

Scott Schwartz
Long Island Virtual Tours