The Formula Episode 3 Has Great success!

We are very happy to announce that the live RTV talk called “The Formula”starring Jason LaVanture and Cheryl Waller has achieved quite a large following. Nearly 200 RTV virtual tour providers tuned in on Jan 21st at 7:00 Eastern for the airing of The Formula, episode 3. Team RTV talked about the value of social networking and how you can put the networks to use for you, your real estate business, and virtual tour business.

Moreover, RTV staff also reported that the talk show, which normally airs for one hour, went a whopping 1.5 hours and most listeners chose to stand in on the entire call as opposed to leave early for the season premiere of the American Idol show.

For those of you that missed out and would like to listen in on the next show where all audience will be able to do live Q & A with Jason and Cheryl please contact us today. To register for the next show be sure to visit your TMS now! If you would like to be a guest on the formula please contact

“You guys are great!”
Thanks–Ryan Gorman

“I really enjoy the webinars and am getting a lot from them.”
Mark Bonham
United Country – Bonham Auction & Realty
Indianapolis, IN

“Thank you for hosting the webinars and giving us this valuable information.
It is truly appreciated.”
Shane & Tina Hatter
Buckeye Virtual Images

“Great webinar!!!”
Rob Lenthe
Remote Global Viewing

“Another great webinar! I learned so much that my head is spinning (A Full 360). There is just not enough time to cover everything in enough detail to fully understand it, so I’ve decided to join the Inner Circle and learn from the gurus how to supercharge my business. Thank you so much for your guidance.”
Dale Beard
Home Shopper Tours

Next shows:

Formula LIVE Q&A
Feb 4, 2009 7pm EST
Social Networking Q&A
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Formula Episode 4
Feb 18, 2009 7pm EST
Exposure Engine and e-flyers
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Good luck out there!!

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