Dadz Workshop Offers The “Realtors Guide To Online Listing and Selling”

Dadz Featured Tours’ expertise is in how to effectively list, and sell using the internet as a sales tool. That’s what we offer to realtors, an enhanced internet sales tool. Dadz Featured Tours created and used a very successful online listing system to sell at a boat providership, and an RV providership. I was an Internet Manager at a boat providership. Without really knowing a thing about boats, in three months I sold almost $700K in inventory. All with using a computer and a phone.

By presenting our service as an enhanced selling tool, we are directly addressing what they will use it for. Boats/RV’s properly listed can be sold using just photos. With real estate you’re talking about a much larger object. Just trying to sell a property by photos is not easy. I wouldn’t say it’s impossible. In order for an online listing to do what they need it to, a real virtual tour is the only solution.

Dadz Featured Tours has created an additional service called Dadz Worshops. We educate realtors on how to use the internet as a selling tool. By presenting to them in a way that directly educates them on what they are trying to do with their online listings it helps Dadz Featured Tours. We provide the most powerful marketing tools available to realtors.

Dadz Featured Tours created a guide for realtors, and it’s available on our website.

David DeSantis
Dadz Featured Tours
Realtor Guide to Online Listing/Selling