3D Renderings Merged With Virtual Tours

Merging RTV Technologies

Merging 3D renderings with virtual tours to create an interactive online map. The client that was working on this project has finished the website and provided us with the links so that we could take a look at the finished maps. This interactive map project turned out great and we wanted to share it with you. The maps will really help new customers get acquainted with the facility making it easier for them to find their way around. Potential customers also get a firsthand look at what this facility has to offer. As an RTV provider you can take this same concept one step further with these RTV advantages.

Here are the links to the two different maps:

Preston Road, Dallas

Craig Ranch, McKinney

The RTV Advantage

The first advantage you have as an RTV provider is the start scene control for the RTV tour window. This feature allows you to create only one tour with several start scenes rather than multiple individual views like the sample. You create and upload just the one tour with all the images for all the lots. Then using the start scene control you create separate links for each hotspot to open the tour with the image of that lot as the start scene.
(See the Tech Tip below from Tour Talk Issue 40)

Tour Talk Issue 40 – Tech Tip

This month’s tech tip is about controlling the starting scene of your tour through the tour link. Normally a tour will start with the same scene each time. Some providers have expressed a need to temporarily control the starting scene so we programmed in a way to do that. A parameter can now be passed in the tour link that forces a tour to begin on a certain scene.

This is a normal tour link:


The virtual tour provider chose to begin the tour on a still shot of the north side of the home. The realtor may have a need to showcase the stunning pool area and could use the modified link below.


Or use this link to show off the spectacular Master Bedroom.


You’ll notice in each example that a question mark follows the tour id, then the parameter startspin=, then the scene name. Always type in the scene name exactly as it appears in the drop down box of the tour but replaces spaces with the + sign.

The second RTV advantage that you have is working directly with your business partner, Team RTV, who is standing by to help you succeed.

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