Virtual Tour Button Used for Video Introduction

A couple of months ago RTV introduced a virtual tour button that is programmable so that the virtual tour provider has the ability to enter a description and web link to the virtual tour window. I have found a couple of good uses for this valuable button. Initially we renamed the button to say “Virtual Tour Company” and added a link to go to our web site. Whenever someone selects the “Virtual Tour Company” button from any of our Corpus Christi virtual tours they now go to our Island Digital Images, LLC web site. This is a great way for potential clients to learn more about our virtual tour company.

Some of our clients have asked us if we could add a “Welcome” video to their virtual tours. What our clients are looking for is an opportunity to add their own personality into each virtual tour. We recently ran a pilot where we video taped one of our clients at the property and gave them the opportunity to create such a “Welcome to the Tour” video. We then programmed the virtual tour provider button with the term “Realtor Introduction” and linked the button to a video that we have posted to You Tube. This now provides the opportunity for those viewing the virtual tour to “meet” the realtor. This is an example for us using this video link:

At Island Digital Images, LLC we see these as first steps of many to use this valuable button to further enable our clients to broaden their marketing opportunities.

Alan Fon
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