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BlueLaVaMedia announces new Video Enhanced Virtual Tours! is very pleased to announce our brand new video virtual tour made specifically for syndication to popular websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Google video, AOL Video, MySpace, social networking sites and more! These new features are now included with the purchase of any BlueLaVaMedia Exposure Engine. Pushing real estate listings and local business virtual tours to these heavily populated sites not only brings more traffic back to our interactive 360 virtual tours but it also help local real estate agents come up more in the search engines as well as rank better naturally. The longer our videos stay online the more they begin to rise to the top of the search engines thus making it easier and easier for people to locate the real estate agent or local business they are searching for.

The traffic generated from our Exposure Engine is simply amazing to say the least! All customers of BlueLaVaMedia who have purchased an interactive 360 virtual tour from us with an Exposure Engine as an add on will soon find their new video virtual tour on our YouTube channel located here:

From our YouTube channel our customer can not only view their video tours but they are also able to instantly add them directly to their own MySpace, Facebook, Mixx and Stumbleupon accounts for further syndication. The possibilities are limitless! Listings inventory is at an all time high right now. Make sure your doing all that you can so that your listings are reaching the eyes of the limited number of buyers in the market.

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Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Team BlueLaVa!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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