New Inner-Circle Virtual Tour Marketing Material Posted

Follow-up with your customers and increase your upsell income! Download your choice of two available postcards in your residential marketing section. While you are there, don’t forget to download your Social Networking Guide. We will be going over social networking during the next episode of the ‘Formula’, so get your guide now and get started early.

What is Inner-Circle membership?

While all RTV providers have access to our Business Resource Center, RTV Inner-Circle membership takes it several steps further.

The RTV Business Resource Center (BRC) is one of the many things that separate RTV providers from the competition. As an RTV provider, you are never alone when it comes to starting, growing, and marketing your business. The BRC was created to help you establish your business correctly the FIRST time. Based on almost 10 years of industry experience, the BRC is your free business road-map. At RTV we believe that our success is wholly dependent upon your success as a small business owner, so in 2008 we acquired Rock Pointe Marketing to focus our business development and marketing programs on you.

Inner-Circle membership is an optional upgrade available to all RTV providers. Inner-Circle membership entitles you to advanced virtual tour marketing programs, authoritative webinars, done-for-you customer newsletters, immense interactive PowerPoint presentations, Industry Research, and fresh marketing materials every month. As an Inner-Circle member you will also have access to a multitude of business resources to help you to put your business on the fast-track to success.

While RTV Inner-Circle virtual tour marketing membership is an optional service, we highly encourage you to join. The price of annual membership is an absolute bargain when compared to the amount of money that you would invest in hiring an outside marketing firm to market your business for just one month. Just visit your the RTV RPM Marketing Center and upgrade your membership today!

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