Do You Continually Market Your Virtual Tours?

Today most of us constantly hear about how bad the real estate market is, and what do you know, sure enough, it gets bad! I’m a big believer in “thoughts are things”, meaning that what you think about is what you get. So, are you thinking bad market, or are you thinking there’s a great opportunity out there?

If you’re thinking opportunity, and I sure hope you are, then what are you doing about it? Sitting around griping about the economy, or reading what the media has to say about it is a quick path to failure. Start looking for that opportunity, and keep letting people know you are in business. Keep your language positive, no one likes to hear from someone that is negative. Be up, and make sure your marketing is the same way. Through the process of marketing, a continual exercise for successful businesses, you will discover opportunity, and ways to get to it.

Do you really think that realtors are your only virtual tour business? With the market the way it is, more and more owners are trying to rent properties. Have you thought about ways to help these people reach their rental market? Don’t the stats say that rentals happen faster with Virtual Tours? Have you investigated large rental firms in your area? What about commercial properties for rent?

Would you suspect that RV providers are looking for more effective and less costly methods of advertising their products? How about car providers? Have you noticed that car providerships are advertising far less in newspapers these days, as are realtors, yet how are they reaching their market? You have possible solutions for them, have you approached anyone lately?

Team RTV suggested some time back that you look into Send Out Cards. Have you? We have begun using that system extensively, and boy, is it effective. Just design yourself a series of post cards with your design program (we use Photoshop), and do constant mailings. When we complete a Northern Illinois Virtual Tour, we simply send out a postcard that we designed to the realtor, buyer and seller.

Want to approach a new market? Shoot a sample, make up your marketing campaign, and start sending out information and graphic representations of what you have in mind. Using Send Out Cards, it’s quick, simple and directed right to the market you are trying to break into. Customize your efforts, and you will be recognized as the company with solutions. We even offer ad campaigns to our customers. We can do many, or even one at a time for them.

Stay away from the nay-sayers. Keep your mind positive, and above all, keep it open to new ideas. Get involved in the fantastic virtual tour marketing program that Team RTV is providing us. If we all share our ideas, our RTV businesses can do nothing but grow, even in a tight economy. If you believe in your product, you can make believers out of potential customers, and the economy will not be a factor of your success!

Mike Willett