Virtual Tour Marketing – Mini-CD Style

Business card sized CD’s have been around since the late 90’s, but just recently they have become a tremendously popular marketing tool for several RTV virtual tour companies. Business card CDs make great promotional tools for trade shows and especially as hand outs for sales and marketing use. These miniature sized CD’s hold many advantages over traditional virtual tour marketing tools such as paper business cards, printed brochures and flyers, standard CD’s and even DVD’s.
Brochures and catalogs are common marketing tools because they are immediate. You can quickly get information about a company’s products and services by browsing the printed material. However, because they are so common, those brochures and catalogs sometimes get tossed in the trash with little more than a quick visual browsing. The business card CD is still a novelty of sorts, and therefore attracts more attention and interest. The smaller size makes them easy to carry, hand out, and store as virtual tour marketing tools. The novelty of their size and their visual appeal gives them an advantage over printed material.
The RTV Inner Circle Marketing team is making it easy for you to implement business card CD’s as a sales tool for your virtual tour business and for increasing the listing exposure for listings by creating several marketing CD templates. These template projects were created with a program called AutoRun Max Business 2.0 and can be downloaded in the Presentation Section of Inner Circle Marketing. The CD templates contain a wide variety of Inner Circle materials including interactive virtual tour samples, automated slide show presentations, music, and PDF brochures/info packs.
Inner-Circle members can download and customize these amazing presentation templates starting TODAY!
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