Virtual Tour Company Webinar a Huge Success

Last nights webinar ‘The Formula’ was open to the entire RTV virtual tour network and was a huge success. Mike Thompson of Real Vision Studio joined us to discuss his top tips on running a successful virtual tour business. Here are just a few of the comments we received:

Woody said…
The webinar last night was an eye opener. It had a lot of very useful information… I’ve already started putting some of the tips to use.

Dale said…
Just a quick note to say that yesterday’s webinar was excellent. I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed it. I really liked the fact that I could hear the audio without calling in. Keep up the good work!

Wendell said…
Great call…. WOW, I was not expecting to be flooded with all that information at once. CERTAINLY WORTH THE HOUR OF MY TIME!!!!

Alan said…
Tonight’s meeting was the best one yet! Keep up the great work!

David said…
Man I wish I had the energy you have. You did a fantastic job. You encouraged me to get going again!

Mike said…
Great webinar last night!

Hal said…
Tonight’s Webinar was very informative, a little overwhelming, but still good. You have answered a lot of my question, now it’s just a question of my implementation. I will be working on applying all that I have learned. GREAT JOB!! I will be looking forward to the next meeting!

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