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I have been reading what others have to say about SEO. I have seen where people say that they don’t think that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important. As a Charlotte Virtual Tour Provider I wanted to make sure that my company was listed at the top of the search engines if a real estate professional searched for service provider in my area.

I needed internet exposure for my new virtual tour company in Charlotte North Carolina. Since my website was brand new, I was coming up all the way back on page 9 in Google when performed a search for my company. I was pretty much nowhere to be found. I asked Team RTV (RTV’s provider Marketing Department) for some help. They responded very quickly.

Following the RTV plan, I started working on my site’s optimization that same Sunday afternoon. By the following Saturday, my site was appearing on the first page of Google results. Now, thanks to my blogs in Active Rain, and a little effort on my part, my site now shows at the top of the first page in Google for many key words. In addition, there are multiple references to my site for other keywords and searches through my Active Rain blogs and my Active Rain profile throughout the search engine results pages.

It feels good knowing that when potential customers search, they will find my company, Look Charlotte. I think it lends a certain amount of credibility to my virtual tour company when someone searches for a virtual tour provider and finds me at the top of the first page of the results.

Now is SEO important? I think you could make an argument both ways. I am just proud to be found in the search results when someone searches for my Charlotte NC virtual tour company.

Thanks Team RTV!!

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