Virtual Tour Business Opportunity Knocks

About a year ago, entrepreneurs Nathan and Beth Strauch began looking at homes and properties via the internet. But while searching for homes, they noticed that less than 1/3 of the properties offered a virtual tour or pictures that gave an accurate flow of a property. They began only looking at properties that offered a virtual tour so that they didn’t waste valuable time or money driving to each address, only to find out that the property didn’t suit them or their family needs. After speaking with many others in the community, they found that most people were skipping most of the listings on Real Estate search sites for the same reason. Recognizing a virtual tour business opportunity, Nathan and Beth formed a new company, Hot Shots Digital which provides 360 degree virtual tours for all forms of Real Estate as well as any other business or property that wants to showcase who they are. Given the recent increase of home sales, Realtors are extremely busy and simply do not have time to market their listings with the most effective and up to date technology available. It’s not surprising that a number of virtual tour companies are popping up across the country as Sellers are truly in need of marketing that works. Hot Shots Digital offers what they believe is an “Extreme Competitive Edge” over their competition by providing first class marketing, distribution to all of the major search portals, and much more for their virtual tours.

Nathan, a photographer, who has worked in the New Home Industry for over 10 years says that the virtual tour business “Like most any other business, it’s really all about service, quality, and establishing relationships that keep us busy.” He also added, “What better occupation is there that involves a personal passion that most would consider a hobby?” Beth, a former assistant manager for a local Bakery agrees and further commented that ”It was very scary at first, but hard work and dedication has really started to pay off. This is the American dream to its fullest.” Nathan and Beth at Hot shots Digital said that they would gladly give advice to any Realtor, Business or Homeowner that is considering marketing over the internet or building a business online. Nathan said “We hope to get all of the business but if we can just help someone, we are sure that a virtual opportunity knocks in the future.” Nathan and Beth Strauch can be contacted at (970) 669-6844 or to find out more about them, please visit
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