Marketing Tips for Virtual Tour Providers

My company is a Southern Nevada and Utah virtual tour provider. My work in this field has led to many diverse opportunities outside of the normal business. Since moving to Mesquite, Nevada and becoming the only virtual tour company in the region, I have been asked to cover several local events (with a media pass) and supply photos for several magazine articles. Recently, I was asked to provide professional photography services for the local Baja 300 desert race. I have also written an article on the Mesquite’s premier local golf courses and shot the Re/Max Long Drive Championship in Mesquite Nevada. Both of these opportunities presented themselves because of my affiliation with the neighboring businesses, real estate agents and the chamber of commerce. These photo opportunities are now leading to bigger events in upcoming months and will add to even more prospective work that the virtual tour industry can lead into.

There several avenues to get involved in such events, but the quickest way is to make a name for yourself and your business in your local community. The word-of-mouth advertising will take over from there and you will start to leads from places that you never had before.

In the past, I have visited local Nevada and Utah businesses, real estate professionals, the chamber of commerce and other town representatives. I have taken the time to talk to small business owners, mortgage professionals and government employees. They all have exposure to many locals that visit their place of business and can help pass the word about your business. I always leave a few business cards with them so that they can give some out and still have one for themselves. This is almost like having a ‘worker’ that promotes you every day for free! You should always mention your website (and make sure it is on your business card!)

A vital thing to keep in mind when you visit local business owners is to not try to sell. Just go in, introduce yourself and give a quick explanation of your virtual tour business. Be sure to thank them for their time and exit without delay. Remember, you’re only there to introduce yourself, not solicit them for business. They can go to your website later and view more information about your business online.

So take some time and hit the streets in your community. Even as a new virtual tour company, you’ll be astounded at the feedback you’ll receive just by meeting people in-person instead of sending them advertisements by mail or email. People do business with people they know and feel comfortable with. Don’t be a stranger; get out there and introduce yourself!

Rob Lenthe
Southern Nevada/Utah Virtual Tours

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