Listen to Your Virtual Tour Clients

The most important thing when dealing with a client is to listen. If you learn the art of listening, your client will tell you everything you need to know to make a deal with them. Let’s face it, RTV is a fantastic company with so many excellent points that you could spend a lot of time extolling their points and maybe never hit on the one that is your customer’s hot button; the one thing that your customer is looking for. It is possible to talk yourself into, and then right out of a deal. You must refine the art of listening. You can peak their interests with a few key points about how fabulous our College Station Texas virtual tours are, but then you need to ask some open ended questions. By open ended, I mean questions that cannot be answered with a yes or no.

For example:


Do you like virtual tours?
Are you interested in a virtual tour?
Gas has really gotten high, huh?


Tell me what you like about virtual tours.
What interests you about virtual tours?
What are you hoping a virtual tour will accomplish for you?

Make sure when your client responds that you listen to their response. Don’t get caught up in thinking about what you are going to say next as we sometimes do. Really listen and keep good eye contact.

Simply by listening, their response will lead you to the next question. Before you know it, your client will have told you everything that you need to know to ‘close the deal’ for them. You will also be building a good relationship which is the key to trust and repeat business. It’s funny but you may find that what you think is the best thing about a virtual tour, is not what your client likes best.

Once you feel that you have learned what your client wants, then use that knowledge to show them how your virtual tour company can meet his wants and needs. You can reflect back statements to them that not only show them that you were really listening, but that you can give them what they want. For example, “You said you wanted to save gas, statistics show that virtual tours help to separate the serious from the not serious. By the time the prospect calls you, they’ve already had a pre-showing and they are truly interested in the property.”In the end you will wind up with a much more satisfied customer who really feels that they are important to you because you listened.

Have an awesome day,

Bonnie Roy
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