Virtual Tours are Safer than Open Houses

Most all of us have heard of, if not felt outright, about the tightening of the economy. In fact, unless you have been on the top of Mt McKinley for the last six months without a cell phone it would have been impossible to miss it.

As a Realtor just breaking into the virtual tour market I understand probably better than most the fears and the opportunities in our market. Brokers are sitting on houses for longer that they have for a very long time. Many are scared to death about what the future holds. All of us try to focus on the good news and not the bad, but there are times that the bad speaks so loudly that it is difficult to ignore.

That being said, the active Realtor out there needs as many tools at his or her disposal as possible. Hence the virtual tour, front and center. It is something that can be offered to Sellers as an added bonus to the services already being provided and can also be used to decrease the risks that accompany selling a house.

Seller’s often want their agents to hold open houses. Open Houses can be a dangerous activity. Realtors can find themselves in compromising positions because the guests of the Open House cannot be controlled. When the traffic is slow an agent’s safety could be compromised and there is no record of the visitors.

There are also liabilities to the Seller. An open house could be seen as a personal invite to thieves. Medicine cabinets are often ruffled through during the open house along with dresser drawers, jewelry boxes, etc. because the agent can’t watch every one in every room.

The virtual tour can end the Seller’s desire for an Open House while providing potential Buyers with their own walk through in the privacy of their own home. While virtual tours show a lot of detail, it isn’t as specific as an in person visit. The public gets to see only what the photographer and Realtor choose to show.

Next time an agent or a Seller says no remind them of the value of the virtual tour.

Randy G Morley
Colorado Springs Real Estate Agent
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