Virtual Tours and Free Golf – The Best of Both Worlds

Recently while speaking with another RTV provider about branching off into various other markets for virtual tours, the subject of golf courses came up. Being that I have done more than a few already in different states, we continued to talk about how to get in with courses to produce tours.

It may be intimidating for some to walk into a high-priced golf course and speak to the management, but it isn’t as difficult as one may think. They are humans just like the rest of us and they don’t own the place so just go with that in mind. Once you explain your objective and show them an example of a golf course virtual tour it’s really an easy sell. Sometimes it’s not an immediate decision but they will steer you to the right person to speak to if they are not the decision maker. In that case it’s probably someone from corporate management and that’s even better! Why? Because then you have the right person to speak to for multiple courses they handle. (I offered to create a quick mini-tour at one course to give them a better insight. It worked and I still use that example for other courses.)

I have not paid for a round of golf in Las Vegas for over 2 years since I barter part of the invoice for free golf. In fact, I’ve even taken a pitching wedge, putter and a couple balls to play the short game since I’m the only one out on the course while shooting! It’s looking like there may be other courses lined up for next Spring that are from referrals. I’ve even picked up more business by getting paired with other golfers at the course that become interested after conversation. Nothing better than playing free golf at premier courses while still making some money as well. Even though my game is not up to par, I’ll gladly spend a day on the course rather than out working…especially when it’s free!

So if you have a passion for golf and want to reduce the costs of the game, you may want to consider talking to the course managers in your local area. The worst that can happen is they will say no. And since you’re already at the course you might as well play a round!
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