Virtual Tour Seminar Presentations

If you’re like me, you have clients that are always looking for ways to set themselves apart from the competition. This is especially true when they are hosting a booth at a local trade show. This is an opportunity for them to really showcase what they bring to the market and invariably show what your services can bring to other clients.

I am currently working on such a project and wanted to share with you some interesting ideas we came up with to draw more attention to our client’s booth. Our first project was to produce a tour featuring spins from the tours we have already produced for the client. We then added still images that included text graphics that shouted out key points to observe during the tour. We then added a custom sound track and will display the production on a wide screen monitor above the booth.

In addition to the wide screen presentation, we will also place several lap tops on the seminar tables to allow the visitors to browse the client’s virtual tour gallery. This presentation is like nothing we have ever seen and expect great customer retention at our booth.

I will submit another blog upon this seminar’s completion.
If anyone has any questions or suggestions, please contact me!

Thank you and have a great day!!

Jim Kopcho
Central Ohio Virtual Tours
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